Can you not touch my daughter?

There is no real nice way to say this to anyone, my wife and I don’t like it when random strangers come and touch her without any consent. Something takes over their bodies and they coo and start touching her. We’ve tried being nice, in one instance an old lady came and started to attempt to touch our daughter, we placed are hands over the area they were planning on touching and said clearly “no, please don’t touch her”. The old lady still tried to make several attempts at touching her. Since she is not old enough yet to speak and voice her opinion like a young Trystan Stephens who objected to Bill Shorten touching him¹.

There are two instances where I’ve actively blocked people from touching my daughter and it wasn’t taken very well. The first instance was on a train and a drunk (he would say that he was tipsy) attempted to touch my daughter when he was leaving the carriage and I blocked the drunk. Who clearly upset after getting off the train he said “fuck you”. Uhm, she’s not your child, so why do you want to touch her so badly without asking me I am fine with it?.

The second instance was in women’s wear shop, I went to block one of the staff members and said without much thought “can you not touch her?, when strangers touch her, she tends to get a rash”. Said staff member seemed visibly upset and did not tend to me any further. The rash bit is true, in a couple of instances I was unable to block, the exact spot where my daughter was touched there would be a rash.

It is not that My wife and I are germaphobes, it is just that we have no idea where your hands have been or if you have a communicable disease that could infect our child. For example I read an article once where a baby contracted herpes from a woman after being kissed and it could have been fatal². Or what if it was some one and their child fresh from a Chicken Pox party³ ?.

I am sure that every person that has randomly tried to touch my daughter. Has not contemplated in the slightest about how we the parents feel. I am pretty sure they would act negatively if I randomly touched them on the cheek or poked them in the tummy and uttered “so chubby!”.


TL;DR The main point of this blog is to express that some parents don’t actually like it when strangers touch their children, and we would rather you keep your hands to yourself.



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One response to “Can you not touch my daughter?

  1. That is crazy how comfortable people are when touching their children. I personally never had this problem but I would be highly offended if someone just came and touched my child. You have every right as a parent to guard your child. You are suppose to keep your daughter safe from the unknown world. I read that it’s beneficial to keep your children away from people they are not ready to be around or keep them from strangers because it could affect them psychologically.

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