Do you want me to put this on Facebook?

So there I was minding my own business playing with my daughter at a playground in the city. Having a chat with my wife about where else in the playground we could go. The playground is fairly large with swings, slides, and an intricate water system. Then mid conversation a woman in her mid to late 40s interrupted our conversation. She shoves her iPad into my face and showed me a picture she took of my backside while I was playing with my daughter.

Unfortunately it is not a flattering or nice photo, it was a photo of my crack and obviously I said “no I don’t want that on Facebook”. When questioning their reasoning for taking a photo of my crack, and feeling the need to walk 10 meters to shove their iPad into my face. The only thing she could come up with was that she wanted to let me know that my crack was showing. There are much nicer ways of letting some one know that something unflattering is showing.

Such as just bringing it up in passing conversation “Sorry, but I wanted to let you know your backside is showing”. That is just marginally better, another way  would be “I didn’t know plumbers worked on the weekends”. The later is probably the least offensive and if you didn’t get the plumber bit straight away, by the time you connected two and two together, it could have been laughed off.

But the simple fact this woman wanted to shame me in public and threaten to post it on Facebook is what has left my blood boiling. If it was the other way around and I was shaming a woman. It would have been a different story. I would be running away from Channel 7 News, while a journalist speaks to a screen. “This man shamed this woman in public in front of her child, and then threatened to post pictures online. We should never let this happen again!”.

side note: After reviewing videos taken at the playground, it turns out my wife caught on video the exact moment the woman in question took a photo of my backside and was complaining to their husband about it, and on further inspection, she did not have a iPad it was some cheap imitation tablet.

Woman said she plans too publicly shame me on Facebook, all because she didn’t know how to let me know in a nice way my crack was showing.


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