Exercise Challenge Update

I have totally fallen off, I’ll spend this week looking at what I can do to get back on tracking, and I know one of the key issues. I am lacking MOTIVATION!, yes, I know, it is a bit slack to say this, but it is true, I found when it comes to exercise. If you do not have any motivation (setting a goal) you are bound to fail.

I started the challenge to loose some weight, but I haven’t, and I have stayed the same weight which is not very motivating. I have trimmed a little bit off the sides but nothing too noticeable. Also I don’t have a set schedule which is as important as having motivation, and I lack a solid schedule as like most days when you have a child, predictability goes out the window and it is almost impossible schedule anything.

My general preference when it comes to working out is to work out in the morning which will either be core exercises or either a early morning ride before work, or riding to work early to transform my 4km ride into a 8-10km ride by taking an extremely long way to work.


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