What could have been



Presenting at one of our Open Days in 2011

Recently I was scrolling through my twitter and came across this post, and I have always what would have happened if Raffles in Vietnam didn’t shutdown. For me there wasn’t much closure as I didn’t quit or get fired. I woke up one day, went to work and by the end of the day it was announced that we would no longer be operating.

What followed was an extremely difficult period in my life, and for a 12 month period my marriage experienced a lot of strain. You move to the other side of the planet, and have to start with all over again with nothing. It makes things extremely difficult, but after going through it, it has made me a little stronger.

I loved teaching, to be honest, I probably made a lot of mistakes early in my teaching career, but without mistakes how can you reflect and improve on yourself?.

So what do I think could have happened if everything went my way?, by now 5 years later I could been the head of my department or maybe an Academic Director. My career and job choices would have drastically improved. I would have been in a position to be allowed to study and up skill. When I moved back to Australia, it seemed like and still does, that absolutely nobody wants a lecturer with 6 years teaching experience and a minimal amount of industry experience.

My job now? my career now? not really important, I work and provide for my Wife & Daughter which is more important. Seeing my Wife & Daughter happy is the best thing in the world.

For a bit of a back story see these articles:


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