I forgot how to blog

I have been failing miserably at blogging the last few years, I have three draft blogs I never published, mostly because a few paragraphs in I lost my motivation and banished it to the draft box, never to be blogged.

The three topics were mostly career related, the first blog was bout teaching at CATC a month or two after I came back from living in Vietnam. Which I never wrote about so the super condensed version of why I moved back to Australia after living in Vietnam for 5 years.

Was because after several years the Vietnamese government decided to crackdown on private education providers, we didn’t like the situation and decided we would shutdown the whole operation in Vietnam. If none of that happened I would probably still be in Vietnam living the highlife.

The second blog was about my decision to re-skill in web development after 10 years of avoiding web, even though I could easily freelance as a web developer. Long story short – 10 years ago I was very good at web but it wasn’t my passion, and now how I regret not perusing a web career.

The third blog I tried writing literally two days ago, and it was me just questioning myself. About if I really miss teaching after a three year absence, and on the lead up to the first time I taught a class 9 years ago.

Reflecting on my teaching career, there were a lot of things I could have done differently, from the way I interacted with students to my high expectations. I later found out with 95% of my students there was a 10 year age gap, so expecting a 17 year old to understand and apply themselves to a standard of a 27 year old who has worked as a designer and worked in a studio environment – was a bit far fetched.

I was going to reflect on my earlier blogging from the early 2000’s til late 2009. But I have erased all of them, I am not sure if by today’s standards they would be even called blogs (most of them were monthly instalments taken from a hand written diary, with the best bits, spiced up a bit)


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