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Challenge Week 4

So far so good, is all I can really say and to round off the blog I have attached some charts to represent the first for weeks of this challenge. On the last day of Week 4 I ended up getting a flat tire mid ride. Like a newbie I did not pack with my kit a spare tube, which resulted in me having to walk back home. I was 4km into a 20km ride so I cannot complain to much, and it could have been much worse. But I was still a bit pissed at myself for not having a spare tube at all.

So while I was walking my silly self home I hoped online to buy some tubes from Pushys, who have some pretty good deals. So I bought in bulk 5 tubes because the bike shops in my area sell everything overpriced. With that being said until I get my new tubes I will just have to do my core workouts instead.

Yesterday I walked around 9.4km so my arthritic ankle is not thanking me one bit.

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