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Challenge Week 6

So the pattern this month so far seems to be low impact Core Exercises, Walking, and a single long ride. Yesterday I rode to Ikea Rhodes via the Parramatta River Cycleway which I have to say was very enjoyable since the ride was 90% cycle paths and I rarely had to ride on the road. Which resulted in my ride being much shorter in relation to time and distance.

From the beginning of my ride till the end my rear wheel was really wobbly, not unstable, just wobbly, and it too me a while to put two and two together. It turns out my spokes are really loose, so because I am really clumsy when it comes to bike repairs I will probably end up ordering a new rear wheel and practice repairing the wheel with loose spokes. I am a bit worried since if I

To give you an example of how clumsy I am when it comes to repairs, I am the type of person who will puncture a new tube when replacing a flat. I can at count at least three times I have done this, and probably another occasion was when I was replacing the tire with an new one and punctured the tube inside the wheel.

I rode to Ikea to buy my daughter a book and plush doll, but in the end I could only buy the book as the doll was sold out. I really wanted the doll so I attempted to take the display one, but I got caught by an Ikea staff member, and was told “We cannot sell you display items”. I was totally gutted, and tried to search the whole kids area but no dice. When I went to check out, said Ikea staff member was working the check out. I guess she wanted to make sure I didn’t try and take the display item.

Since I was in Rhodes (an official hot spot for Pokemon Go) I decided before riding home I would play for a few minutes, but unfortunately my phone did not want to cooperate and crashed several times.


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