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Truing in Parramatta

Last week I posted about my wheel being wonky after my ride to Ikea, and since then I contemplated either buying a new wheel to truing the wheel myself. In the end after watching some really helpful youtube videos. I decided that I would save myself the stress of attempting truing without the right equipment.

Lucky for me there are a few bike shops to pick from in the Parramatta CBD and cost of truing costs between $20-30, which is pretty good considering if I messed up my wheel I would be out of pocket buying a new wheel.

Where to have your wheel trued in Parramatta


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Challenge Week 2

Week two my goals were to by pass my previous weeks Calories burnt which I manged to do. On the Sunday of week two I cycled 18 km by accident, when I decided to check out some cycle paths out near where I lived. For those of you that may live in the Wentworthville / Parramatta area in Sydney. I rode the cycle path that takes you from Merrylands to Fairfield, and I road it as far as I could before hitting a “Dead End”.

I wasn’t checking my map while I was riding and when I got home I wish I did as I ended up missing another section of the path that would have taken me up further to Canley Vale. So in the end I rode 18 km in around 90 mins which included a few minutes of me getting lost and just using my sense of direction to get home.

Distance: 56.6 km
Calories: 1480
Time: 04:10:27

Distance: 3.1 km
Calories: 432
Time: 00:38:52

Some of the numbers could be higher or lower due to some of my rides/walks not being recorded by Strava. In the case of where I was unable to record with Strava, I would calculate calories by using the lowest average calories burnt by km. For cycling my lowest average is 23.6 calories per km.

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