Strava vs S Health (Walking)

Recently I upgraded my phone after a very long period of time, I moved up to a Samsung phone with S Health. Which is an app that tracks your walking via some sort of Stepometer function.

When comparing the two applications I found that Strava was more generous when it came to Calories burnt per Kilometer than S Health. I know the reason why which is because in Strava there are only two options Cycling or Running. The algorithm used to calculate KM > CAL is based on running rather than walking.

Average Calories per Kilometer

  • Strava: 140 Calories per Kilometer
  • S Health: 50 Calories per Kilometer

Based on this I will need to re-evaluate the Calories burnt recorded with Strava Weeks 1-3, I feel slightly annoyed but I am not surprised that if I used an app calibrated for running to record walking that the Calories could be a bit off.

I will keep Strava to record my cycling, but I will look at using S Health in favor of Strava when recording my walking.


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Challenge Week 3

There was only one day where I didn’t work out and Week 3 ended up being what I would call “low impact”. I wasn’t really able to clock up burnt calories throughout the week as I was unable to go for consistent rides or walks.

In place of Rides & Walks I had to opt for core workouts, to be honest as little as I like to do my core, it is actually very important especially for functionality and keeping balanced.

I am not going to post my Riding or Walking stats this time as I only went for two rides and two walks, which in total only burnt 1103 calories.

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Challenge Week 2

Week two my goals were to by pass my previous weeks Calories burnt which I manged to do. On the Sunday of week two I cycled 18 km by accident, when I decided to check out some cycle paths out near where I lived. For those of you that may live in the Wentworthville / Parramatta area in Sydney. I rode the cycle path that takes you from Merrylands to Fairfield, and I road it as far as I could before hitting a “Dead End”.

I wasn’t checking my map while I was riding and when I got home I wish I did as I ended up missing another section of the path that would have taken me up further to Canley Vale. So in the end I rode 18 km in around 90 mins which included a few minutes of me getting lost and just using my sense of direction to get home.

Distance: 56.6 km
Calories: 1480
Time: 04:10:27

Distance: 3.1 km
Calories: 432
Time: 00:38:52

Some of the numbers could be higher or lower due to some of my rides/walks not being recorded by Strava. In the case of where I was unable to record with Strava, I would calculate calories by using the lowest average calories burnt by km. For cycling my lowest average is 23.6 calories per km.

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Challenge Week 1

The first week of my personal Daily Exercise Challenge wasn’t as intense as I had planned it to be but still I managed to do some form of exercise everyday. I was a bit slack on doing my core routine. If I didn’t go for a ride or a walk I just did a small set of push ups.

For all my walks I used the Strava App which produced some interesting results mostly when it came to calories burnt and the distance required to burn calories.

Distance: 31 km
Calories: 899
Time: 02:14:04

Distance: 5.8 km
Calories: 761
Time: 01:01:18

My cycling distance is much lower then I planned mostly due to not being able to ride home some nights after work because I had to carry some heavy things home that couldn’t really be mounted on my bike.

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Daily Exercise Challenge

After attempting a Buzzfeed 21 Day Strong Core challenge which I almost finished but I ended up failing around day 18 probably. Mostly due to restless nights with my wife and daughter, I would either sleep in and miss my routine in the morning or be too busy at night to make up for the missed morning session.

But the main reason I stuck with it because I was blogging about it on my tumblr so I felt that I had to commit too it. I really hated one of the core exercises and would always fall over but, I would always do it and never skip.

I have decided to challenge myself to exercising daily, I love to cycle so I will at least ride to and from work which is 4km each way. Or if I wake up super early I can make time for a single 10km loop. If I fail to make time for either I will at least do some other form of exercise such as core exercises or push ups.

Now why I am I blogging about this again? Well late 2014 I was cycling and put myself on a low carb diet, as well as attempted to lower my sugars and dairy. I lost about 15kg in a span of a few months. Mostly because I rode 18km a day (9km to work and 9km back from work). But unfortunately I didn’t track what I ate or track how many calories I burnt off.

I plan to keep track of my meals as well as calories and exercises in the day, I will probably post via different platforms or have a weekly round up. Check my twitter feed for any social media updates.

I will track my cycling with Strava which a great app and I have decided to trial the Optiman meal replacement shake for my breakfast. Mostly because because of the short distance to work I can’t really eat what I used to eat if I want to burn calories.

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Do you want me to put this on Facebook?

So there I was minding my own business playing with my daughter at a playground in the city. Having a chat with my wife about where else in the playground we could go. The playground is fairly large with swings, slides, and an intricate water system. Then mid conversation a woman in her mid to late 40s interrupted our conversation. She shoves her iPad into my face and showed me a picture she took of my backside while I was playing with my daughter.

Unfortunately it is not a flattering or nice photo, it was a photo of my crack and obviously I said “no I don’t want that on Facebook”. When questioning their reasoning for taking a photo of my crack, and feeling the need to walk 10 meters to shove their iPad into my face. The only thing she could come up with was that she wanted to let me know that my crack was showing. There are much nicer ways of letting some one know that something unflattering is showing.

Such as just bringing it up in passing conversation “Sorry, but I wanted to let you know your backside is showing”. That is just marginally better, another way  would be “I didn’t know plumbers worked on the weekends”. The later is probably the least offensive and if you didn’t get the plumber bit straight away, by the time you connected two and two together, it could have been laughed off.

But the simple fact this woman wanted to shame me in public and threaten to post it on Facebook is what has left my blood boiling. If it was the other way around and I was shaming a woman. It would have been a different story. I would be running away from Channel 7 News, while a journalist speaks to a screen. “This man shamed this woman in public in front of her child, and then threatened to post pictures online. We should never let this happen again!”.

side note: After reviewing videos taken at the playground, it turns out my wife caught on video the exact moment the woman in question took a photo of my backside and was complaining to their husband about it, and on further inspection, she did not have a iPad it was some cheap imitation tablet.

Woman said she plans too publicly shame me on Facebook, all because she didn’t know how to let me know in a nice way my crack was showing.

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Can you not touch my daughter?

There is no real nice way to say this to anyone, my wife and I don’t like it when random strangers come and touch her without any consent. Something takes over their bodies and they coo and start touching her. We’ve tried being nice, in one instance an old lady came and started to attempt to touch our daughter, we placed are hands over the area they were planning on touching and said clearly “no, please don’t touch her”. The old lady still tried to make several attempts at touching her. Since she is not old enough yet to speak and voice her opinion like a young Trystan Stephens who objected to Bill Shorten touching him¹.

There are two instances where I’ve actively blocked people from touching my daughter and it wasn’t taken very well. The first instance was on a train and a drunk (he would say that he was tipsy) attempted to touch my daughter when he was leaving the carriage and I blocked the drunk. Who clearly upset after getting off the train he said “fuck you”. Uhm, she’s not your child, so why do you want to touch her so badly without asking me I am fine with it?.

The second instance was in women’s wear shop, I went to block one of the staff members and said without much thought “can you not touch her?, when strangers touch her, she tends to get a rash”. Said staff member seemed visibly upset and did not tend to me any further. The rash bit is true, in a couple of instances I was unable to block, the exact spot where my daughter was touched there would be a rash.

It is not that My wife and I are germaphobes, it is just that we have no idea where your hands have been or if you have a communicable disease that could infect our child. For example I read an article once where a baby contracted herpes from a woman after being kissed and it could have been fatal². Or what if it was some one and their child fresh from a Chicken Pox party³ ?.

I am sure that every person that has randomly tried to touch my daughter. Has not contemplated in the slightest about how we the parents feel. I am pretty sure they would act negatively if I randomly touched them on the cheek or poked them in the tummy and uttered “so chubby!”.


TL;DR The main point of this blog is to express that some parents don’t actually like it when strangers touch their children, and we would rather you keep your hands to yourself.



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