Strava vs S Health (Walking)

Recently I upgraded my phone after a very long period of time, I moved up to a Samsung phone with S Health. Which is an app that tracks your walking via some sort of Stepometer function.

When comparing the two applications I found that Strava was more generous when it came to Calories burnt per Kilometer than S Health. I know the reason why which is because in Strava there are only two options Cycling or Running. The algorithm used to calculate KM > CAL is based on running rather than walking.

Average Calories per Kilometer

  • Strava: 140 Calories per Kilometer
  • S Health: 50 Calories per Kilometer

Based on this I will need to re-evaluate the Calories burnt recorded with Strava Weeks 1-3, I feel slightly annoyed but I am not surprised that if I used an app calibrated for running to record walking that the Calories could be a bit off.

I will keep Strava to record my cycling, but I will look at using S Health in favor of Strava when recording my walking.


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