Daily Exercise Challenge

After attempting a Buzzfeed 21 Day Strong Core challenge which I almost finished but I ended up failing around day 18 probably. Mostly due to restless nights with my wife and daughter, I would either sleep in and miss my routine in the morning or be too busy at night to make up for the missed morning session.

But the main reason I stuck with it because I was blogging about it on my tumblr so I felt that I had to commit too it. I really hated one of the core exercises and would always fall over but, I would always do it and never skip.

I have decided to challenge myself to exercising daily, I love to cycle so I will at least ride to and from work which is 4km each way. Or if I wake up super early I can make time for a single 10km loop. If I fail to make time for either I will at least do some other form of exercise such as core exercises or push ups.

Now why I am I blogging about this again? Well late 2014 I was cycling and put myself on a low carb diet, as well as attempted to lower my sugars and dairy. I lost about 15kg in a span of a few months. Mostly because I rode 18km a day (9km to work and 9km back from work). But unfortunately I didn’t track what I ate or track how many calories I burnt off.

I plan to keep track of my meals as well as calories and exercises in the day, I will probably post via different platforms or have a weekly round up. Check my twitter feed for any social media updates.

I will track my cycling with Strava which a great app and I have decided to trial the Optiman meal replacement shake for my breakfast. Mostly because because of the short distance to work I can’t really eat what I used to eat if I want to burn calories.


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