Hash tag for #spam

So after a few months of using Instagram as a testing platform for promoting a service and picture blogging I have found out one thing. A lot of people are using some sort of paid service/algorithm/formular that will “like” a picture simply based on hash tags used within a post.

instaspam For example, one of my projects is offering graphic design tutoring, whenever I use the hash tag #Illustrator (short for Adobe Illustrator) I will get numerous likes from illustrators / artists. I have blocked many repeat offenders, just out of the principle, they aren’t genuine likes, and are generated by paid services to increase followers.

I also receive spam comments from everyday users, who I guess get paid per comment (all off topic – post a picture of a tree and receive a comment like “nice sunglasses check out thiswebsite com”), so those just get an automatic block, followed by a delete of said comment/s.

But fortunately/unfortunately this issue doesn’t  occur Tumblr or Twitter since I use the exact same set of hash tags and no spam likes or comments (my twitters for both my projects are pretty much dead apart from random retweets).


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One response to “Hash tag for #spam

  1. :)

    lol so hilarious …but that’s how things go now aday. So live on

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