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Something I have been keeping myself  busy lately is running an instagram blog of sorts, posting pictures from my regular daily walks since December 2012. I mainly go through my back log of pictures and pick the ones I think are of some value/interest. Then with some photoshop “magic” I fix the pictures up with different layer effects to really bring out the composition, and arrange it into a template I have designed with grids.

I am also using the project as a way to experiment with social media, one thing I have found interesting is most of my “followers” only stick to one platform and one platform only. For example I have a tumblr account which has different followers to my instagram account. Where as my twitter, is dead, stone dead, but that makes sense since I am picture blogging and my pictures are linked to my tumblr (I upload via instagram and share to my tumblr which shares to my twitter, which is fantastic).

My Facebook account for this project, is experiencing the same problem as my twitter, it has no unique users at all, kind of sad to say, I had to invite people to like my facebook page, even though I have linked the facebook page on all my accounts as my “official site”.

If you’re interested check out my pages


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March 28, 2013 · 1:25 pm

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