Angry Squid

Recently I have taken an interest in the book “Sát thủ đầu mưng mủ” a illustrated book of Vietnamese slang by Thành Phong. Most of the slang in the book revolves around rhyming with mostly Northern Vietnamese words. For example “Ngốc như con ốc” [stupid like a snail], and “Xấu như con Gấu” [Ugly like a bear]. My personal favorite because it rhymes so well “Đói như con chó sói” [Hungry like a wolf], My wife and I normally shorten it to “Đói như con sói”.

I decided to re-illustrate my 2nd favorite term “Bực như con Mực” [Angry like a squid], my own interpretation is when a Squid is mad, it’ll spit ink and flail it’s tentacles around.

Pissed off like a squid

Bực như con Mực


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