Unethical New Trend

Recently in Vietnam I have noticed a new trend with pirated / bootlegged DVDs which I find unethical, the newest trend for pirated DVDs is to put advertisements on the back of the DVD cover for mobile phone games and chat lines. Then when you put the DVD in to your DVD player, it will play two or three television commercials you cannot skip. The ads again are aimed at the mobile phone market.

Pirate DVD with Advertisements
Pirate DVD with Advertisements

When I asked a colleague of mine “Do you think it is ethical, to buy ad space on, the back of a pirated DVD movie?” the answer was mixed, “If you’re already buying a pirated DVD, you’ve already crossed that line, buying the DVD”. But when asked “But what about the Advertiser, when is it okay to promote a service on an illegal format?.” This is when the line blurs, pirated DVDs are quite common, even so that, pretty much almost every street in the city and even in the suburban areas, there is going to be at least 1 or 2 stores where you can buy pirated DVDs. There is about 3 DVD shops near where I live, and about 2 close where I work, but also there is a lax in Intellectual Property laws.
The trouble is, the norm is often accepted as okay, so for the advertiser and consumer it seems to be ethical.


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