Học làm Bánh Tết với Phật Di Lặc và các Trẻ em

Học làm Bánh Tết với Phật Di Lặc và các Trẻ em

Learn to make Banh Tet with Laughing Buddha & Children

Inspired by my families Tet tradition of making Banh Tet, I created this Illustration, this year I helped with making Banh Tet, my job was to clean the Banana leafs that wrap around the Banh Tet. I also took photos of the whole process start to finish as next year I have to help make Banh Tet.

The main process of making Banh Tet
1. Clean Banana Leafs
2. Arrange two layers of Banana Leaf
3. Spread first layer of rice
4. Place filling in the centre
5. Place second layer of rice on top
6. Wrap up the Banh Tet
7. Boil for 24hrs

I plan at some stage to illustrate all the steps, as a small personal project, I find giving myself little projects helps me with refining my old skills as well as learn and practice new skills.

My wife was telling me that in my graphic my Banh Tet looks more like Banh Chung



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2 responses to “Học làm Bánh Tết với Phật Di Lặc và các Trẻ em

  1. yeap, due to its little sharpness 😛 but i really like your Di Lac illustrations dude!

    So you really got latest taste of Banh Tet?

    • I read some tutorials recently on how to draw better cartoon characters with Illustrator, so I think I’ll redevelop some of the ones i’ve put online and ad more details.

      But yeah, I should fix the Banh Tet illustration, but the ones I made this year were good, we brought home about three from Buon Ma Thuot, and we barely finished them, while trying to eat them breakfast/lunch/dinner.

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