tạp chí Đẹp: Em đẹp chưa?

Am I Beautiful Yet?

Am I Beautiful Yet?

Recently I produced a template of a local magazine as an exercise for my bachelor students to revise how to make a varnish or a finish such as embossing or foil stamping. Then I started to play with various cover ideas, I made a few covers with my Wife, but I need to think of some article titles to make it more realistic.

Then after I while i decided to slightly update an remix I made of my Grinning Ghoul girl. This time wearing a low cut dress, and the text “em đẹp chưa?” (Am I Beautiful Yet?). I find the majority of designs I create in my free time, tends to lean towards either typography or crossover artwork.

At the moment at work, I am coming up with typographic wall graphics for all the class rooms, going to start with just three rooms and if the boss still likes the walls after a while I will then make the rest of the wall graphics (All floors and all class rooms, minus the basement parking lots).

Fingers crossed everything is done, and I will blog about it, on a side note, I am no longer designing for Vietnam Lindy Exchange, I realized I would be too busy for it, mainly because I am now teaching the bachelor level of our design course, so i’ve spent more time designing and writing for the course, mostly due to the fact, I was given nothing but a course outline and a weekly plan. That’s it and no examples of works, or powerpoints, and I am confident, I find when I read my student feedbacks, my course writing always has high ratings.

It’s going to be a busy year, teaching and writing for Bachelor level, and a promotion is in the works.


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