Chúc Mừng Kỷ Niệm Ngày Cưới

Happy Wedding Anniversary

Happy Wedding Anniversary

If there is one significant thing I have to blog about, it is this, today is my Wife and I’s 1 year anniversary, I am very proud to say that she is my wife, and in most cases I only address her as Vợ (Wife) our Mother used to think we would call each other by Vợ (Wife) & Chồng (Husband) when speaking to each other as a joke, our younger sister thinks we’re a little too sweet to each other, when she was webcam chatting with my wife. I came home and upon entry exclaimed “Vợ yêu, Chồng đây nhà”.

I normally have a lot of people turn and look at me whenever I call out to her in public or talk to her on the phone “Vợ yêu ở đâu?” or “Vợ yêu ăn cơm chưa?”. Those of you at home here is some translation key points

Vợ = Wife
Yêu = Love
Vợ Yêu = (Hunny / Loving wife)
Ở đâu = In Where / Where
“Vợ yêu ở đâu?”
Translates as  “Where are you Hunny?”

Ăn = Eat
Cơm = Rice
Ăn Cơm = Eat (action)
Chưa= Yet
“Vợ yêu ăn cơm chưa?”
Translates as “Have you eaten yet?”

Our first year was full of happiness and “minor”  health issues, and I look forward to the rest of my life with my Wife. Recently our story was published in the Tet 2011 issue of Tiếp Thị Gia Đình.



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  1. this should be your facebook status photo, too cute

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