Just a thought about general design

Design is not special or creative

Design is not special or creative

The text “thiết kế không có gì đặc biêt và không có sáng tạo” can be translated as “design is not special or creative”. Maybe I have become slightly cynical about design in general, maybe because I am over exposed to poor design in general or maybe I am a design snob?. I am not saying design isn’t in it’s self creative, but more or less the quality of the designs you see in general aren’t mind blowing and very generic.

If you want to see interesting designs, you have to seek it out online, in magazines such as IdN and go to galleries. It’s hard to find interesting commercial art, and I wonder why nobody tries to reach higher. Come out with the same generic concept that has worked for years and years.

It’s a wonder most students who study design today don’t reach higher or maybe I am expecting too much from commercial and generic design that is lowering the standards of design.


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