3 Weeks

After 3 weeks of hospitalization I am almost free and clear. Late September I was admitted to a hospital in Vietnam with high fevers of 39c, low potassium, and low everything else.

The clinic tried to do a through check up, scans, ultrasounds and x-rays. Plus some IV drips every four hours. After about 4 days the Dr’s were stumped, they couldn’t figure out my main issue. They found liquid around my heart and lungs, driving them in the direction of heart disease, looking for tuburculosus, and a conference call later, they said I had the choice or going to Sydney, Bangkok and Singapore.

As I tested negative to tuburculosus, and the didn’t have the facilities to check liquid around the heart and liver. Plus not even able to take bone marrow (which the basic concept is to stick a needle into bone and withdraw blood from the bone).

So I decided on Singapore because it is closer, and I am covered by my health insurance for treatment in Singapore. Lucky me I get to fly business class from Saigon to Sinapore. My Wifey wasn’t so fortunate, as there was a miscommunication with my insurance agency, as they said my Wifey could buy a economy seat but still travel in Business class with me. Turns out in only the last 10-20 minutes of the flight she could join Business class. Which was very annoying for the both of us as we can’t stand to be apart.

We arrive in Singapore and picked up by our ambulance and temporary Dr who funnily enough lectures in Vietnam at Cho Ray Hospital in Saigon. Why do I say temporary? We are picked up by a private ambulance company, the Dr helped us transfer us to Tan Tock Seng emergency ward, to do a check up and go through medical reports.

After check up they would decide which hospital I would go to for treatment, after 8 hours. It was decided that I would be kept in Tan Tock Seng after being classified as having an infectious disease. Apparently these types of cases are a specialty of Tan Tock Seng Hopital, the first issue they tackled was my low potassium which was 1.9 when it should be 3.5 minimum. Low potassium is near fatal, it can kill you.

I found out that the low potassium was from the chronic diarrhea I had from May to September this year. Then there was my low vitamin b12, again a direct result of poor diet caused by my chronic diarrhea.

With those issues solved my body was going back to almost 100% health, but still a few obsticals in my way. Durring some CT scans they found my small intestine was telescoping into it’s self (pushing into it’s self) after a further investigation it was decided not to be an issue as after some scans with a contrast liquid they saw my small intestine worked fine.

That didn’t solve the problem of my fevers, I have DVT in my left leg, so the next theory was, maybe I had a clot in my leg (apparently blood clots can cause fevers) my leg was checked, they found an old clot, but it was too small to be causing my fevers.

So after that they was a specialized ultrasound of my heart called a echo scan. From this they were ale to look at the liquid around my heart, turns out, there was an insignificant amount of liquid around my heart to cause fevers or be fatal.

There were many other test performed in this period, but the only the most significant ones come to mind. During these procedures, I was waiting for my bone marrow extraction results. My bone marrow was taken a few days after I was admitted into Tan Tock Seng Hospital. They tested my bone marrow for tuburculosus, and lymphoma (cancer). Results for lymphoma were negative, they found no cancer in a bone sample from my body they performed a biopsy on. Still waiting on Tuburculosus results but my Dr’s think that is highly unlikely, because my general health was improving from potassium medication and not from antibiotics used to treat tuburculosus and they let me out on “home leave” (where I can leave the hospital for the day and come back)

The Dr’s noted that they wouldn’t let me have day leave if they remotely thought I had tuburculosus. So after a little bit problem solving and cross referencing, they settled on that I have typhoid fever, which in Vietnam is quite common next to tuburculosus but not as serious.

So the last week I’ve just been taking antibiotics for Typhoid Fever, no testing, no scans, no x-rays and no updates. My body is responding well to the typhoid antibiotics, yesterday my highest body temperature was 37.8 then it went down naturally. So today I expect no fevers, and tomorrow I will most likely be discharged, and given a typhoid vaccine as a going away present (need one every three years apparently).

So that’s what has been happening the last 3 weeks of my life, like my very own episode of house, patient comes in a train wreck and bit by bit the team solves little problems to get to the main problem that ends up being a quick fix.


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