Recently i’ve been playing around with Crossover artwork, for me it’s an interesting exercise in design, how to combine two styles to create a new design that looks right, as well as composing a design with two different elements together. So recently i’ve been reading Doraemon in Vietnamese with English captions. The series is called “Learn English with Doraemon”, I’ve been doing the reverse, I take some new vocabulary from each chapter I read and the grammar. Then learn how to use it properly, it’s a fun activity to do with my wife. So I created a crossover at work using my Ghouls character and Doraemon.



Another crossover i’ve worked on is creating a very short animation using flash and some sound for a design I made a while ago, using my own Ghoul design and the Kon Heo character. In the original image bellow, the text can been roughly translated into English as “I want to eat you” (the direct translation won’t make sense and not as funny).


I want to eat you

Bellow is the short flash video with Audio


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