Vietnam Lindy Exchange 2010

This weekend is the second Vietnam Lindy Exchange, and event held in Vietnam for Swing Dancing. In the beach side town of Mui Ne. The event is put on by Saigon Swing a Ho Chi Minh City based swing dancing group. For a while when I moved to Vietnam in 2007 I used to go Swing Dancing, I started with East Coast Swing and then learn Lindy Hop.

Since I am the only designer in that group I offered to do design work for promotions of the group as well as the first Vietnam Lindy Exchange. Last year I was approached again to work on the design of the art work and branding.

For the second Vietnam Lindy Exchange we decided to stick to online media and promotion as we spent a lot of money on printed promotions for our target audience and it ended up being a waste of time. For this year I created a series of eFlyers, which were distributed by email as well as social media platforms such as Facebook.


Three eFlyer Designs

Apart from designing web based promotional material I also designed the t-shirt for the event, there was an unfortunate mistake when the designs went to print. The printer decided to re-arrange the back design of my shirt. “Caution: Swing out in progress” is supposed to be higher up, this was a decision I didn’t agree with but still happened. The caption is based on our fears of a tourist/child walking onto the dance floor while people were dancing and may acidently be knocked over or knocked out.

VLX 2010 T-Shirt


These two items aren’t the only items designed for the 2010 Vietnam Lindy Exchange, other work ranges from a small guide book for those joining the event, listing places to eat, tours and etc. Part of the package is that all guests are able to travel by our own private buses. So to identify our bus I was asked to design a banner.

Bus Banner

Bus Side Banner


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