mistercampbell x santainoue

Before I get started this is not an official crossover piece with Santa Inoue, it isjust something I made that was born out of a class exercise for a subject i’ve been teaching recently. My students had to create a black & white poster using a grid system and apply typography. One of my biggest passions as a designer is Typography and Layout Design. This work is more an experiment with playing with Typography in Vietnamese as a non-native speaker of Vietnamese  (I haven’t even studied Vietnamese yet, chưa học tiếng Việt as I normally say) . So I have to admit I cheated a little bit as my wife helped me with some grammar in the design.

Most of you won’t be able to read the text in the design so i’ll translate “em đang ở đâu?” in English translates to “where are you?” then “ôi.i..i.. đến giờ rời” translates as “oh, damn I am late” well that’s my understanding  (that’s the line my wife wrote for me). Then the title of the design “anh chờ em lâu quá” translates as “I’ve been waiting for you for a really long time”.

For those of you who don’t know Santa Inoue is a Manga artist of Tokyo Tribes and popular street fashion designer (similar to Bape) and lover of Hip-Hop which is my first love when it comes to music. I have borrowed images from his Tokyo Tribes spin-off “Hasheem of Love” which was originally printed in his first and only issue of Saru Magazine published under his own company Santastic Entertainment.

anh chờ em lâu quá

anh chờ em lâu quá / I've waited a long time



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2 responses to “mistercampbell x santainoue

  1. Love the mash-up. Any more idea for a regular Vietnamese comic strip? My guys loves comics, maybe if you do one in Vietnamese I can get him to try harder to learn the language. or maybe he’ll just look at the pictures. You can never tell with this guy. haha 🙂

    “Den gio roi.” is literally translated to “It’s time!” but your version is fine too.

  2. I should send you some volumes of “Đôrêmon học Tiếng Anh”. The comics are Vietnamese with English Captions. Plus usages of English, learn Vietnamese and Improve your nglish at the same time.

    Some examples: http://tinyurl.com/yf4gzqr

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