Recently I have been experiencing a revival of sorts, the other day I decided to Remix an old style of character illustration into a new vector format. The characters are called “Grinning Ghouls” or now known as “Ghouls” for short. Characterized by crooked and broken teeth and short chubby bodies.

Ghouls now and then

Ghouls now and then

Part of the inspiration to remix my character designs, is from viewing tshirts design by my favorite urban fashion designer Kon Heo as well as a need to do something creative, I lecture graphic design full time with Raffles International College in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Here is an example of my remxing, using a font I developed in combination with my new remixes. The caption is in Vietnamese and reads em đệp không? translating to English as am I pretty?

Revival 02

em đệp không? / am I Pretty?


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